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Marchwood Junior School

Welcome to our school


At Marchwood Junior School, we learn the importance of knowing our place in the school, the wider community and the whole world and we learn how to take care of our physical and mental well-being. We persevere to achieve our goals and are absolutely committed to learning.  We are role models for others and take inspiration from our own role models; recognising the individualism of each and every one of us.

My place in the world

Where individuals will learn to be part of the community both within and outside of school and begin to understand how their behaviour impacts on others and the importance of creating harmony by treating others with respect, politeness and good manners.


A community where individuals learn how to take care of themselves; physically, emotionally and mentally and to accept help and support that is offered.  Confidence and self-worth are developed to empower individuals for our rapidly changing modern world.


Where individuals take ownership of their own learning and stretch themselves to enable them to reach and exceed their targets, having the confidence to have a go and not being afraid to fail.

Commitment to learning

Aiming to create self-confident and independent learners who strive to achieve a sense of pride in their work in an environment where everyone understands expectations on them and how engagement with and love of learning can lead to continuous improvement and achievement.

Role models

Where individuals will be encouraged to be inspired by role models within the school and the wider community, but also, to take personal responsibility for being positive role models themselves.


Where the unique contributions of everyone in the school are recognised, talents are nurtured and encouraged. Opportunities are given for self-discovery through trying new experiences and taking risks.

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