Main Road, Marchwood, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 4ZH

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Marchwood Junior School

Welcome to our school


At Marchwood Junior School, children are immersed in an enriching and purposeful learning environment where learning is   meaningful because it reflects the ever changing world around us. Paired with an excellence in teaching, children are empowered to be independent, co-operative and tenacious learners that have a desire to achieve their very best. 

Excellence in teaching

Where high quality teaching results in children making rapid and sustained progress whilst aiding them to reflect and evaluate their learning, to continually achieve and make their own successes.

Meaningful and Enriching

Where individuals are immersed in an environment enriched with experiential learning and purposeful outcomes, which are relished.

Responsive to a modern world

Where learning reflects the ever-changing world around us and equips us with skills for life to be able to respond and adapt to.


Where individuals are given learning experiences, that fill them with the confidence to strive to achieve more than they thought possible.


Where individuals work in harmony together to achieve goals, targets and dreams.


Where individuals have the ability to be ready to learn, the flexibility to learn on their own and the tenacity to think on their feet.

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