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Marchwood Junior School

Welcome to our school


Our Marchwood family is based upon the principles of mutual respect, trust, belonging and acceptance of one another. Individuals feel safe, secure and cared for in an inclusive and harmonious community, where everyone has a voice and no-one is invisible.

Mutual respect

Where individuals are free to express themselves without fear and value opinions, ideas and choices, which may differ from their own. This requires honesty, where we behave in a way that we know is right and fair.


Where individuals are looked after and feel supported. Relationships are formed and nurtured, based upon love, compassion and belonging.

Voice for all

Where every individual has the belief that they are important; that they belong; are valued and are ‘seen’. Everyone should be given the chance to fulfil their potential, succeed and realise their worth.

Trust and Harmony

Where individuals have a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of themselves and others: through harmonious relationships, share similar goals, feelings, ideas, interests or beliefs.


Where individuals who may differ in beliefs, ability or personal circumstances can participate and learn together. Diversity is celebrated and acceptance of different faiths, cultures and background is promoted.


Where individuals are kept safe by the adherence to the laws and rules of our community at both a school, local, national and global level. Firm boundaries provide security, equality and consistency so individuals know what is expected of them and others.

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