Main Road, Marchwood, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 4ZH

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Marchwood Junior School

Welcome to our school


At Marchwood Junior school, we believe in inspiring and motivating our children to reach for the stars by fuelling passions and promoting creativity and risk taking in all areas of learning. We believe in supporting every individual’s holistic development, enabling them to reach their full potential and achieve their goals and ambitions.

Risk taker 

Where an individual is keen to step outside of their ‘comfort zone’ to participate and thrive in new and exciting experiences. They are not afraid to make mistakes and enjoy experimenting with their own ideas.

Strive to achieve

Where we continuously sets ourselves high expectations in all aspects of our learning. We are keen to learn and continuously improve and develop, while regularly celebrating successes and achievements.

Fuelling passions

Where individuals are provided with enrichment opportunities that spark a sense of wonder, awe and amazement. These experiences give individuals the inspiration to dream and develop ideas which we are encouraged.


Individuals always strive to achieve their best. They are able to motivate themselves and are determined to reach their goals.


An individual who has a strong desire and determination to achieve success. They are capable of setting their own goals and strive to achieve them through the choices they make.


An individual who can think ‘outside of the box’ and put their own thoughts and ideas into their learning. They are able to use their imagination or original ideas to create something wonderful.

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