Main Road, Marchwood, Southampton, Hampshire, SO40 4ZH

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Marchwood Junior School

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Mr D Hoskins

Head Teacher

Curriculum Lead, Assessment Lead, and DSL

Mr G Scallan

Assistant Head

Maths Lead, Maths Coach, Co-opted Governor, DDSL


Mrs M Hallinan

Assistant Head

English Lead, English Coach, Pupil Premium and DDSL

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Mrs M Read


LSA Team Lead, Nurture. Well being and mental health, DDSL and Peer mentor

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Year 3

Mrs J Skinner

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LSA: Mrs Polmeer

Mrs C Shutler
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LSA: Mrs K Mould

Miss N Taplin

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LSA: Miss C Pablo

Year 4

Mrs Seydel and Mrs Gregory

Mrs Seydel – Eco lead - transport
Mrs Gregory - PSHE and Fundamental British Values

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LSA: Mrs L May

Mr N Pepin

French and MOLE award

Music & French
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LSA: Mrs T Kelly

Mrs J Hoskins & Mrs F Ferrero
Mrs Hoskins – Music

Mrs Ferrero – Art and DT

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LSA: Mrs M Mort and Mrs S Roberts

Year 5

Mrs J Searle & Mrs F Ferrero
Mrs Searle –
Mrs Ferrero –
Art & DT
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LSA: Mrs J Naylor

Miss James
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LSA: Mrs R Gray

Mrs Tuttiett
Learning Behaviours
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LSA: Mrs J Feltham


Year 6


Mr I Jacobs
Research Lead, Computing Lead, ECT Tutor, DDSL, Staff Governor and Webmaster

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LSA: Mrs D Bayles and Mrs S Andrews

Mrs M Hallinan and Mr G Scallan 
Mr Scallan – Maths Lead
Mrs Hallinan - English Lead
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LSA: Mrs J Stuart

Mr R Colmer
Pupil Voice
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LSA: Mrs R Josiah

Learning Support Assistants

Mrs L May
Mrs J Feltham
Mrs S Andrews
Mrs J Naylor

Mrs T Kelly
Mrs R Josiah
Mrs K Mould
Mrs J Stuart
Mrs N Taplin

Mrs S Polmeer
Mrs D Bayles
Mrs M Mort
Mrs R Gray

Miss C Pablo

Mrs S Roberts

Sports Coach

Mr F Smart PE Lead

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Mrs D Bayles
Mrs D Smith - DDSL
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Administration Team

Mrs J Jones
Admin Manager

Mrs K Bishop
Senior Admin Assistant

Mrs L Allen
Admin - Library Assistant

Mrs H Kitson

Mrs M Mort
Welfare Assistant

Caretaking Team

Mr A Feltham



Mr K Houghton

Cleaning supervisor

Mrs K Leath
Mrs J Tarr

Mrs S Polmeer

Cleaning Team

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs S Andrews
Ms S Attwood
Mrs T Kelly
Mrs S Polmeer

Mrs D Smith
Mrs J Naylor
Mrs N Coxall
Mrs L May

Mrs K Mould

Mrs S Roberts

Miss C Pablo

Mrs V Dunn

Catering Team

Caroline McKell


Mrs K Bigwood

Mrs E Edwards
Catering Assistants