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All parents, teachers and children can identify themselves proudly with Marchwood Junior School. School uniform is one way in which this sense of identity is helped. The vast majority of parents support us in this endeavour and the turnout in school is very smart. None of the items on our list should cost more than children's normal day clothes and the range offers some choice.

Winter Uniform

  • Long or short grey trousers (no flared or hipster type trousers)
  • White shirt/blouse or polo neck t-shirt
  • Grey jumper or cardigan
  • Grey pinafore dress or skirt
  • School tie (optional) 
  • White, grey or black socks
  • Plain black shoes with low, wide heels
  • Plain black boots can also be worn (see below)

Summer Uniform

  • Short grey trousers
  • White open necked shirt/blouse or white polo shirt
  • Yellow gingham summer dress
  • Sandals – not open backed
  • Sun hat strongly recommended

The school runs periodic second-hand uniform sales of school branded jumpers and cardigans.

Boots which involve a lot of lacing are unsuitable for school as they often double changing times. Shoes with high or narrow heels, flimsy sandals or flip-flops are also unsuitable as school wear.


Branded jumpers and cardigans can be purchased via Skoolkit 


P.E. Kit

It is important that children change for P.E. and begin to develop a sense of personal hygiene.

The school P.E. kit consists of a yellow school T-shirt (available from Skoolkit) and navy/black shorts or leggings. Indoor work takes place in bare feet. Trainers are needed for outdoor work and a tracksuit or jogging pants and sweatshirt would be useful as extra layers to keep warm.

Children may participate in sports on the field such as tag rugby, cross-country and football. For these activities they may wish to wear football boots. They will also need a change of socks.

Jewellery must not be worn for P.E. for safety reasons.

Please supply a bag for P.E. kit. It is important that P.E. kit is in school ready for use every day. Please get into the habit of your child bringing it in on a Monday morning, keeping it in school all week and then taking it home for washing on a Friday.

Personalised team kit from Serious Sport

To purchase additional school PE kit from Serious Sports please visit:



Jewellery should not be worn at school as it is unsafe during P.E., games and playtimes. Children with pierced ears must only wear studs. Earrings are not suitable for school and can cause very unpleasant injuries in play or games. Children will be asked to remove any type of earring or stud before participating in P.E. or games.

If you do have your child’s ears pierced, please could you have it done at the very beginning of the Summer Holiday as participation in games and P.E. during term time is very difficult when children have been told to keep studs in newly pierced ears. If they cannot remove their earrings for P.E., please provide your child with medicated tape to cover them.

We are not able to accept responsibility for items which are lost, although we do all we can to recover them, within reason.

Nail varnish and coloured hair should not be worn to school.