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School Clubs

At Marchwood Junior School we are committed to providing our children with the very best opportunities for their learning, but also in the range of clubs available to children across the whole school. The clubs that are being run for year 3 & 4 children during the Autumn term are listed on the attached document.

Please take the time to chat with your child about what they might want to get involved in. All of our clubs are provided by members of staff, who give up their time to share a passion of theirs with our children.

For sports clubs, the children will need school P.E. kit, warm clothes for when the weather is not on our side and a drink bottle of water. For after-school clubs, you may wish to provide a snack to keep them going.

To maintain our levels of safeguarding our procedures for attendance at clubs are as follows:

  • If your child takes a place at a club in the Autumn term, they are expected to attend each week.  However, we understand there may be the odd time when they are unable to attend.
  • If they are unable to attend, we ask that you write a brief note to the adult who is leading the club to excuse your child.
  • A verbal message from the child will not be accepted. If your child gives an adult a verbal message, I am afraid the office staff do not have the time to ring home to check these messages are accurate.
  • If the child does not bring a letter from home to excuse them from the club, they will receive a first (and final) warning from the adult leading the club.  Parents will be informed of this warning by email.
  • If this happens again, your child will forfeit their place at EVERY club for the rest of the half term. 
  • If your child attends a before school club a phone call needs to be received before 8.15am if your child is not able to attend for any reason.

Please support us to help keep your child safe.

All clubs have unlimited places (with the exception of Wide Games & Drawing Club) – if you request your child to attend one/or more of these clubs they will be offered a place (we won’t confirm your child’s place for these clubs). 

We will confirm if your child has a place at Wide Games and Drawing Club

Clubs by “invitation” - individual letters will be shared with children who have been invited to these clubs.