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Learning Behaviours



Emotional Intelligence



Problem Solving


Together we can achieve more

Me, You, Us

Looking Back, Looking On

I can do this

How can I do that?


Collaboration enables us to build supportive networks to achieve common goals.

Emotional Intelligence enables us to create sustainable and supportive relationships.

Evaluation is the reflection of the impact of decisions and the contemplation of future learning.

Independence provides us with the attitudes and skills to make the most of opportunities that we encounter.

Problem Solving is the application of skills within various contexts.

Spirituality is non material elements of a human being, which animates and sustains us.

Collaborative learners value the contribution of all, are flexible to the needs of others and the goals of the group and can negotiate when appropriate.

Emotional Intelligent learners can recognise and handle their emotions and express themselves in a manner appropriate to the setting.

An evaluative learner questions the effectiveness of possible routes forward and interprets findings to best inform decision making.

Independent learners will take the initiative, showing their desire to succeed, and continue to reshape and develop their learning.

Whilst engaged in practical learning, with real purpose and audiences, problem solvers are creative and persistent in their approach, resulting in them generating new and relevant ideas.

Spiritual learners are able to consider their place in the world through reflection, contemplation and inspiration.