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Welcome to the Governors’ section of the website, where we are delighted to provide you with valuable insights into our dedicated team. Serving as a school governor is an immensely rewarding role, and our Governing Body embraces the challenges by dividing our activities into various 'Working Groups.' These groups convene at least once per term, in addition to full governing body meetings, to discuss crucial aspects such as curriculum, finance, staffing, and premises.

To ensure that our governors are well-equipped for their responsibilities, they have participated in training courses that enhance their understanding of the general role and delve into the intricacies of their specific areas of involvement within these sub-groups.

The description of our governing body's legal obligations may surprise you, as it encompasses a broad scope determined by statute. At MJS, we strongly believe that, beyond our oversight function, we should actively provide support and offer constructive criticism to propel the school forward.

To achieve this, our individual governors actively engage with the school community. You will frequently find them present during lesson times, meeting with teaching staff, participating in after-school activities, and accompanying school trips. By involving ourselves closely with the school, we, as governors, gain a deep understanding of the significant challenges faced by the management, staff, and, most importantly, the children themselves.

Every governor at Marchwood Junior School takes immense pride in being associated with the exceptional staff and pupils who consistently uphold the highest standards in all aspects of school life.

We encourage you to reach out to us at any time through the school, as we are always delighted to hear from current or prospective parents, eager to address your inquiries or receive your valuable feedback.


Sophie Collins

Chair of Governors