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Curriculum Overview


  • Children feel safe and happy in school and have an understanding of how to keep themselves safe in the wider community.
  • A community is created where care is at the forefront of all we do and children are empowered to not be afraid of being wrong or take risks.
  • Develop children’s capabilities to show an understanding of how they feel in different contexts, how they and others portray their emotions, and how they can effectively manage emotions.
  • A broad range of experiences to develop children’s understanding of how to work effectively and confidently both independently and collaboratively, displaying self-assurance and resilience.
  • Cultivate in children an awareness of the wider world and a desire to take their own inspiration from a range of stimuli.
  • Children are aspirational in an ever-changing world
  • An environment that constantly promotes a positive active attitude, taking responsibility for own education and pride in learning.


Cognitive Ability

  • A rich web of knowledge and experience which provides the capacity for children to learn even more and develop their understanding through application.
  • Content provides children with subject specific knowledge and vocabulary that encourages them to build links and enhance learning.
  • Knowledge that leads towards creativity, innovation, purpose and is meaningful (i.e. not a pub quiz)
  • Children learn whatever they need to in a range of real world contexts