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Books at Marchwood

Children at MJS have a variety of books which they read at school and bring home. This explains the different types of books which they have access to and their purpose.

Phonics Books

Some children in year 3 will have a phonic book that they can access online. This book is closely matched to their reading progress and they should be able to read and decode the words in the book independently. They will have already read the book in school so should be familiar with it. This is the book that we would encourage them to read to parents and anyone else who they read to. They need to read this book several times (at least 3) so that they become fluent, reading the words automatically, rather than sounding them out. This will be changed every week.

Book Band Books

Some children will not have a phonic book, but will have a book band book. This is a book that they should be able to read independently and the book that we would encourage them to read to parents. This can be changed whenever they have finished it by asking their teacher in the morning.

Library Books

Each class will visit the library once a week at a set time. In this time, children may choose a book that they would like to read for fun. This might be a book that is too hard for them at present and so will need to be read to them by an adult at home. It might also be a book that they just really enjoy, even though it is too easy for them. The purpose of this is to foster a love of reading for pleasure which is vital in education. These can be changed in library time once a week. Alternatively, the library is open every lunchtime from 12:30.

Must Reads

Each year group has six books which have been chosen as must reads for that age group. They have been carefully selected so that throughout their time at MJS, the children encounter a wide range of genres, themes, authors and narratives. We encourage the children to work their way through these, trying to read all six each year. Although these books are at a suitable level for each year group, some children may struggle to read them independently and so may need, or just prefer, to have them read to them.


Every child at MJS has a log in to our Marchwood online library, called Sora, in their study log; it is the same as their google log in. This is available online as a website, or as a free downloadable app on phones or tablets. Here the children can take out eBooks or audio books to read or listen to. This is an excellent resource as it has thousands of books, with many more being added all the time. In particular, the audio books offer children the opportunity to enjoy books that perhaps they would find difficult to read for themselves.


Enabling children to become fluent readers and fostering a love of reading is one of the most important part of the learning in primary education. We are confident that the range of books on offer will support your child well in their reading journey. Please encourage your child to read at home and read to them whenever you can. The more that they read and are exposed to books, the more progress they will make.