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Marchwood Junior School

Welcome to our school

Curriculum Overview


Our curriculum aims to develop both the children’s character and cognitive ability. The experiences that our children are immersed in are designed to develop both strands simultaneously.


Resumed Curriculum 2020-21

Our Resumed Curriculum for 2020-21 looks to reestablish learning behaviours and reconnect with prior knowledge. All of our children have had very unique experiences during the period of lockdown. We will aim to use accurate assessment for learning to identify the areas of knowledge that need to be acquired and how we can best support children with reconnecting with the principles of each subject. Whilst maintaining a broad and ambitious curriculum, we will strive to use regular retrieval and linking with prior knowledge to create an environment that can best ensure accelerated learning.

In the four documents below you will find the core knowledge that we hope to cover in each year group. Knowledge listed in green is knowledge that the children have encountered in a previous year group. Whereas knowledge listed in red is knowledge that children have not encountered due to lockdown. 

Click to read Year 3's resumed curriculum
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